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Unlock the Power of AI to Drive Success in Dropshipping

Find winning products and start selling immediately


Join 50,000+ Dropshippers



AI Product Finder

Find Winning Products Using AI

Select winning products in a wide variety of niches before your competitors even know they exist & capitalise on the trend

AI Coaching

Outperform your competitors and get REAL results

Build brand & scale your Shopify store by using Artificial Intelligence.


Ecom's Genie Ad Lab

Create custom videos with any niche


Driving sales on your store is now easier than ever with our Ecoms Genie Ad Lab.


Ecom's Genie University

Learn the 7 Figure Blueprint from A-Z

Master all the essentials of dropshipping with our all-inclusive course.


Discord Community

Private Discord Community


Join our community of dropshippers and participate in weekly calls with 7-Figure dropshippers


What People Are Saying


Check out our FAQ's



  • Is it a ONE-TIME payment or a Monthly subscription?
    It a once off payment, there are no monthly fees ever. All the other competing apps charge hefty monthly fees and have hidden costs. With Ecoms Genie you can ask questions to help you buid, brand & scale you Shopify store without paying any monthly fees!
  • Is there a FREE TRIAL?
    Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial. During this period, you can explore and experience the full range of features without any commitment. It's a great opportunity to assess how it aligns with your needs. Take advantage of the trial to make an informed decision about whether our Ecom's Genie is the right fit for you.
  • How many questions can I ask?
    Our $30 subscription provides you with a quota of 30 questions per month, allowing you to make the most of it. If you find that you need additional questions beyond the allotted limit, you have the flexibility to top up without incurring any additional monthly fees. This way, you can tailor your usage to your specific needs without the constraint of a fixed subscription cost. We aim to offer a seamless and adaptable experience to accommodate your requirements.
  • Is Step-by-Step Training Included?
    YES - Ecom's Genie do provide comprehensive Step-by-Step training as part of our offerings.
  • Can I ask questions in my own language?
    Certainly! Our platform supports multiple languages, allowing you to ask questions in any language of your preference. The Ecom's Genie multilingual application is designed to cater to a diverse range of users all over the world.
  • Is it possible to purchase TOP-UP upgrades after completing the initial allocation of 30 questions?
    Certainly! We offer the option to purchase TOP-UP upgrades once you have exhausted your initial allocation of 30 questions. This allows you to seamlessly extend your usage based on your needs without interruption.
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